Powering the future
of senior living

Junoverse | CONNECT

The only senior living platform built around senior people
and their unique needs and desires.

The wave of new healthy seniors is a direct result of an ongoing phenomenon: people live longer. Accordingly, many seniors’ lifestyles are different compared to a few decades ago. The ideal senior living environment has to meet the unique needs of the people, making it easier
for residents to enjoy a fulfilling and independent lifestyle while allowing management to operate seamlessly.

Aligned with our mission to bettering Longevity, we have built Junoverse Connect, an all-in-one platform created to optimise the operational activities of senior living.

With our Junoverse Connect, senior living communities can streamline their operating systems and better serve their residents. Our platform enables staff to manage scheduling, communication and memberships easily. It also promotes, sells and manages all in-house activities through a user-friendly portal.

Transform your activity management

Quit using paper and pen. Treat your clients like they want to be treated and make aging more fun at the same time.
Junoverse can help you get started with your digital transformation, by allowing you to manage both your current customers as well as people in your waiting list.
Easily promote, sell and manage your in-house activities, events and services for your clients.
Get ready to take online payments, manage your human and physical resources and gather business intelligence on how your clients interact with your business.

The six modules

CONNECT offer a modular system for every need to your senior living.


User Management

Manage the users. Engage with customers. Drive loyalty.



Automate and optimise your emails and newsletters to drive results



Access an ever-updating library of quality content around health, wellness, longevity and more.


Service management

Digitalise your service management. Create and run activities. Drive innovation to your community.


Survey & Analytics

Gain access to unique information about your members and customers.


App Integration

Boost your community engagement with our bespoke Android and iOS App Junoverse Go.

People live longer, communities grow older, and seniors are healthier than ever. This creates a whole generation of “new seniors”.


The new seniors are a huge population of active, financially strong, and healthy consumers who are able and willing to make the most of their retirement years.