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Age-tech Platform

Technology that improves physical fitness, mental health & purpose in life

Juno is an age-tech platform that makes it easy for seniors to find, book and enjoy new interests and fun activities. Our platform provides smart tools for your business to easily manage, and deliver an inspiring community to your seniors.

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Example Dashboard Juno Life Technology Platform.

A smart platform, driven by data, Juno allows you to deliver fun & healthy ageing to your seniors.

An age-tech platform that makes it easy and intuitive to provide life-changing experiences to your customers, we give you the tools to make informed decisions and grow your business.


100% digital management and promotion of events, activities, and much more. Working 24/7 for you.


Juno provides an “always-on” seamless booking process for all activities and events.


Achieve peace of mind with fast, PCI-compliant secure online payment, reducing your operational overhead.


Personalised automation of customer engagement and enriched communications on any channel. 

Reports & Insights

Reliable data is critical to any business. We provide actionable insights through in-depth analytics.


No two businesses are the same. Juno allows for flexibility to solve your business challenges.

What Juno delivers…


Events & Activities

Juno activates,

tackles immobility

Delivering real-time local events and activities at the touch of a button.

Explore our marketplace

Juno enables our members to easily find a vast range of local activities, products and services tailored to their wants and needs.

Create your own event

Our members are able to create their own event and share it with the Junoverse to share their knowledge and passion with other members.

Join like-minded groups

Exploring new places, pursuing your hobby or learning a new skill is often a lot more fun with others.

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Connect & Chat

Juno connects,

combats isolation

Grow your social network through Juno. Meet up with new friends or simply chat safely through the app.

Build long standing relationships

We enable our members to stay connected, either at home from the computer or on the go with our mobile app.

Chat with new friends

Meeting new people can be hard sometimes, but we encourage our members to connect with others.

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Screenshot Juno App. Interests. Healthy ageing.


Juno inspires,

fights lost purpose

There’s a world of events, hobbies and sports out there to explore. We guide you and suggest based on your choices.

Find new & exciting interests

We believe that life should be explored, this is why we want to inspire our members to discover new passions.

Personalised activities & content

There is a lot of noise on the internet, this is why we are delivering personalised and relevant content to our members.

Expand your social network

Life is harder alone, this is why we make it easy for our members to find new friends and make lasting connections to ensure social inclusion throughout retirement.

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Easy to use

Juno simplifies

eliminating stress

Taking the stress out of searching for social and healthy activities, Juno makes it easy for seniors to find new and exciting interests. An easy to use interface and one-click booking process, Juno replaces isolation with engagement.

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Premium Content

Juno educates

reducing ill-health

Juno provides advice on exercise, diet, health and well-being from our network of experts.

Expert content for healthy ageing

Many leading experts on healthy ageing and other relevant fields are active contributors to the content released by Juno.

Programs & Online Classes

Our platform hosts a wide variety of health sustaining programs and classes that can be attended from the comforts of home or on the go to promote active aging.

Inspirational articles & videos

Juno is all about inspiration, motivation and activation which we deliver in various, easy-to-digest formats such as expert content or tailored workout videos.

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App features

Interest categories

Inspires motivation and focus, improving quality of life.

Events & activities

Improves physical wellness, mental health whilst adding routine.

Connect & Chat

Expands social network safely with like-minded people.

Intuitive app

Simple interface and navigation, removing tech stress for seniors.


Reach your audience instantly with important important updates.

Articles &videos

Educational material to promote well-being.

Success Stories

“ A really fun evening with happy people I had never met before. There were great connections and happy laughter right from the start…

Malin, Stockholm

Red haired-Lady-on-iPhone

Awards & certifications

Award winning AgeTech app

EU AgeTech Award

Nominated and achieved 2019

Swiss Innovation

Nominated and achieved 2018