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Digital Enablement

We enable your organisation and individuals to fully embrace digital solutions. Our solutions are tailored to the ageing population and address the demographic shift in the workforce.

Digital Enablement

As the general population continues to age, it is increasingly crucial to harness the advantages of digital technology.
Digital enablement includes the use of various technologies and tools to empower individuals, organisations and communities.

Today, a staggering 50% of people aged 60 and older are at risk of social isolation, consequently increasing their risk for physical and cognitive decline. In this context, digital technology becomes a critical enabler to address these concerns and crucial for making cities and communities more age-friendly.

For organisations, embracing digital enablement is essential when addressing the challenges and opportunities that comes with an ageing workforce. Leveraging a variety of technologies and tools benefits both older employees and the organisation as a whole.

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As local communities experience a demographic shift towards an ageing population, it becomes imperative for local government organisations to recognise and harness the benefits of digital technology. Digital enablement, in this context, involves leveraging various technologies and tools to empower individuals to lead healthier and more socially connected and self-reliant lives, while enhancing the capabilities of local government organisations to efficiently serve and support the ageing communities.

When harnessed effectively, welfare technology emerges as a critical enabler for creating age-friendly cities and communities. By facilitating access to important information, essential services and various opportunities, digital enablement enhances the capabilities of the entire local ecosystem of stakeholders. This approach recognises that enhancing age-friendliness is essential not only for the ageing population but also for all other key stakeholders within the communities.

In acknowledgment of our impactful work, the Junoverse ecosystem of digital solutions has received recognition and awards from the WSIS UN forum for its profound significance in advancing the goals of the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing. We understand that achieving genuine age-friendliness transcends traditional notions. Thus, we align our technology and digital infrastructure with your vision and objectives, enabling you to systematically monitor achievements and improvements in harmony with your goals.

Our ultimate goal is to assist your organisation in achieving its objectives, not only paving the way for senior citizens but also ensuring that all stakeholders thrive in a transformative environment. Our solutions yield meaningful results, such as a reduced a decreased demand for nursing and care, sustained tax income, increased employment participation, and the cultivation of a healthier, more engaged and socially connected community.

Junoverse CONNECT™ sits at the core of our digital enablement services for government and non for profit organisations and is the industry’s most comprehensive platform for age-friendly cities and communities.

The global workplace is witnessing a significant transformation, with professionals opting to extend their careers into their 60s and beyond. To harness the benefits of the ageing workforce, organisations must adapt and implement appropriate technology to ensure a productive transition. Adaptation is the path to thriving in this evolving landscape and our proprietary digital platform is a gateway to a prosperous ageing workforce.

Junoverse READY™ sits at the core of our digital enablement services for HR professionals and is the industry’s most comprehensive platform for the ageing workforce.

AgeTech, or Age Technology, is a dynamic field that leverages technology and innovation to address the unique needs, challenges, and opportunities of an ageing population. It is an ever-evolving domain, catering to a diverse age range spanning from 55 to 80 years.

Junoverse stands out as one of the pioneers in AgeTech, adopting a comprehensive approach to provide a wide range of solutions. At the heart of our digital enablement services, our ecosystem of solutions is designed for organisations interested in embracing innovative technologies tailored to serve anyone with an interest in the ageing population.

With Junoverse READY™, we offer a tailored white label or plug and play solutions to match your needs.