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READY™ is your all-in-one workforce longevity management platform.

It changes everything.

You can now Analyse, Manage and Enhance your organisations’ longevity strategies and seamlessly elevate your senior workforce through improved Readiness, Engagement, Wellbeing and Relevance.

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Workforce Longevity Management

Analyse, Manage and Enhance.

Utilise our tailored services that allow your organisation to become age-friendly by gaining valuable insights on your elderly workforce and senior citizens through our insights & analytics.

This allows any organisation to get an in-depth understanding of their current strengths and weaknesses related to their age-friendly strategies. Take informed action to improve productivity, engagement, wellbeing and relevance for your seniors.

Taking informed decisions on age related initiatives finally becomes feasible. Being age-friendly is crucial in achieving SDG and ESG goals as well as to improve organisation branding. Reduce the number of people going into retirement earlier than necessary.

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Elevate Your Senior Workforce

Empower your People

Setting yourself apart from the competition can be a deciding factor over success or faliure of your organisation.

Exceed seniors’ expectations by enabling them to provide you with honest and constructive feedback.

With READY™, you are now able to launch initiatives that increase employee satisfaction, ensuring your organisation stays ahead of the curve.

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Individual Employee Longevity

Shift away from collective thinking

The group of people aged 55+ is the fastest growing age bracket in industrialised nations. Combined with a shortage of skilled employees entering the workforce, it becomes increasingly important to specifically cater to seniors for attracting and retaining talent.

Senior employees own a large percentage of any organisations’ knowledge. Keeping them satisfied and able to work for longer is a key tool to retain critical knowledge.

READY™ is an essential tool to provide value to these employees and improve their willingness and ability to work past the official retirement age.

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People Risk and Resiliance

A platform with simplicity at its core

Keep your administrative workload manageable to focus on things that matter. Our platform offers a hands off approach, reducing the time needed to manage yet another platform.

A fully customisable and modular system ensures full control for any organisation.

Access to the platform can be managed based on departments, cohorts, geographical locations or any other required parameter. This allows you to tackle the most at-risk areas of your organisation first.

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Prepare your employees for their biggest life transition from work to retirement. Discover all benefits for your senior workforce below and learn more about how your organisation can profit from the Junoverse READY™ solution.

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