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We help you navigate a transformative workforce landscape and future proof your organisation with effective workforce longevity solutions.


As the workforce ages, organisations must embrace a comprehensive workforce longevity strategy that considers the full and potentially extended employee lifecycle to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

By 2031, the workforce landscape will have undergone a significant shift, with older employees constituting over 35% of the total workforce. To harness the potential of this valuable demographic, understanding their unique needs and preferences through workforce analytics is paramount. This knowledge is the key to extending their tenure, enhancing engagement, and fostering a culture of inclusion for overall productivity gains.

Organisations need to champion a culture of care that recognises the immense value older workers bring. Leaders must understand and convey the significance of their contributions, promote a sense of belonging, and help them prepare for a fulfilling retirement when the time is right to transition to life after work.

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An effective workforce longevity strategy is paramount for any forward-thinking organisation.

We specialise in providing a strategic approach where the value creation of workforce longevity is underpinned. Our approach surpasses conventional practices, acknowledging the critical role of older workers and harnessing the full potential of experienced employees to align your strategies with the ageing workforce.

We offer tailored services that places workforce longevity at the forefront of your success.

In today’s transformative landscape, only a mere 10% of organisations have access to ageing workforce analytics that encompass vital insights into older workers’ job and retirement preferences. Leveraging data-driven insights and analysis is critical for any organisations looking to navigate the unique risks, challenges, and opportunities presented by an ageing workforce.

Junoverse READY™, our proprietary digital platform is designed to enable your organisation to benefit from the transformative potential of data and insights. With our cutting-edge platform, informed decisions are firmly grounded in data and insights from the older employees.

We offer tailored services that allow your organisation to harness the power of ageing workforce analytics.

A staggering 90% of organisations recognise the paramount importance of workforce agility for their future success. However, only 40% believe they have mastered this vital skill. The older workforce can significantly enhance your organisation’s workforce agility when managed effectively. Their expertise, experience, cultural awareness, personal networks and flexible work arrangements can be a valuable asset in the pursuit of agility.

We offer tailored services to identify work practices and initiatives that will allow your organisation to harness the benefits of an older workforce for improved agility.

A striking 76% of older workers express concerns about ageism impacting their workplace experiences, creating potential hurdles for their work performance. Addressing these concerns and fostering a culture of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) that specifically acknowledges the unique perspectives of older workers is now more crucial than ever.
Our proprietary digital platform, Junoverse READY™, is a gateway to a more inclusive workplace. The platform enables organisations to better comprehend the various age-related perspectives that combat ageism and foster a culture of inclusion and belonging.

We offer services uniquely designed for your organisation to build an age friendly workplace.

As your workforce matures, cultivating a culture of care and demonstrating genuine concern for older workers is paramount. It’s not just about understanding and accommodating their needs; it’s also about recognising that many of them are navigating towards one of life’s most significant transitions, retirement.

With the support of our proprietary digital platform, Junoverse READY™, we offer a transformative path to achieving this goal. Our platform equips your older workers with the information and tools necessary to get prepared for a fulfilling retirement, whilst leaders learns how to shape a culture where leadership and care converge to empower your organisation to navigate this significant transition with empathy, understanding and respect.

We offer tailored services that shows that you care at and beyond the workplace.

Retirement is a momentous life transition, a blend of excitement and apprehension. Empowering older workers with the knowledge and tools to prepare for retirement not only eases their concerns but also fosters greater engagement and productivity in the workplace. In additions, a comprehensive retirement preparation program strengthens the employee value proposition for older workers by providing them with a sense of emotional security, empowerment and well-being.

Junoverse READY™ is the industry’s most comprehensive non-financial retirement preparation platform, purposefully designed to guide employees through this pivotal life transition. Our platform not only assists individuals in their retirement preparation journey but also positions your organisation as a key driver in advancing the overarching SDGs. So, by guaranteeing that retirees embark on their post-career phase in good health and well prepared, your organisation becomes a driving force in the pursuit of more healthy and active senior citizens.

Ultimately, a comprehensive retirement preparation approach benefits both your employees, your organisation and the communities you operate in.

We offer an internationally recognised and awarded plug and play solution with administrative simplicity at its core.

Today, a significant number of older workers do not reach retirement age while still employed in their current job. Surprisingly, the majority choose early retirement, often due to health issues and illness, and in 50% of these instances, employers acknowledge their role in this decision. One key factor contributing to this trend is the limited understanding that many employers have regarding the health and well-being preferences of older workers.

Therefore, it becomes imperative for organisations to offer tailored health and well-being solutions that cater to the unique needs of older employees, enabling them to extend their careers well beyond the traditional retirement age.

We offer tailored services to enable a prolonged career.

Effectively managed older workers are among the most engaged and productive members of the workforce. This presents a significant opportunity for organisations. Investing in initiatives to enhance engagement and productivity is a straightforward way to reap the rewards of the investment already made over many years.

Focusing on an inclusive and age-friendly workplace culture is the single most important investment to be made.

We offer tailored solutions for your organisation to make the best investments.

As an employer, there are moments when you want to express your gratitude to your diligent and loyal employees. Surprisingly, 70% of older workers have never received non-financial retirement support from their employers. By providing assistance for their retirement preparation, you not only acknowledge their dedication
but also strengthen your own organisation’s employee value proposition. This demonstrates your unwavering commitment to their long term well-being, extending beyond their working years.

We offer a tailored benefit solution for your workforce aged +55.

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