Technology that enables
physical fitness, mental
health & purpose in life

Junoverse | GO

Junoverse Go is a customer based app that helps seniors
navigate through retirement healthier and happier than ever
while building active routines, social circles and self-reliance.

Junoverse Go is an extension of our solutions, with a clear B2C approach. With a user-friendly interface, Go allows seniors to easily browse local events and participate in activities that cater for their interests.

The purpose of Go is to strengthen and motivate drivers that can establish a healthy and active everyday life. On top of a broad range of activities, the user also gets access to exclusive articles related to longevity and healthy ageing.

To access Junoverse Go, please download the Juno Go app or visit the website.

Longevity is not about adding years to your life – it’s about adding life to one’s years. Better longevity relies on multiple factors.

The four pillars of better longevity

Longevity is not about adding years to your life - it's about adding life to one's years. Good longevity relies on multiple factors.


Is the precondition for anything that follows. A healthy mind and a capable body. The research is clear. Participating in social and physical activities increases levels of well-being.


Being an active member of society makes what society has to offer that is relevant to you. This can be manifested in one's personal life as well as in the workplace. Being included is more than just not being lonely, it is being relevant.


The ability to know what’s coming and how to react to it on the one hand, and looking forward to the positive things ahead on the other hand. Research shows that when seniors start living day-by-day, they trigger old-age mental deterioration.


The mentioned pillars enable seniors to keep having positive experiences in life - both personally and professionally - forming a loop of positive reinforcement.

Better together

The pillars for a better longevity touch many aspects of life. They span from social participation and
employment all the way to relationships, hobbies, and even the sense of meaning in life.
The changes needed to improve on all of those fronts run deep and wide.
Together, they create a vision for age friendly societies.


Our customers feedback

“ Now I’m able to connect with seniors citizens from all over the world, sharing experiences and purpose in life..”
Alessandra, Italy